The research for Omnipresence explores the understanding of complex scientific phenomena, particularly dark matter, which is an invisible form of matter that holds our galaxy together: you can’t see it, but its effect on surrounding objects are quite obvious. The concept of dark matter appears as an apparent mismatch between the amount of matter assumed from the gravitational dragging forces exerted on ordinary astrophysical objects (stars, galaxies, etc.) and the (luminous) matter we can see with telescopes.
Omnipresence is an interactive physical installation providing science museum visitors an opportunity to interact in a playful way with the complex phenomena of dark matter in order to better understand the inexplicable universe. Omnipresence is envisioned to be a temporary experience installed adjacent to a museum’s current galactic exhibition
The installation is an abstraction of a galaxy; users’ interactions represent removing and bringing back dark matter, through which they can observe the consequences of that interaction and its impact on negative space.​​​​​​​
Omnipresence has become a personal exploration to push forward existing dark matter’s ideas in terms of materiality and interaction beyond my own expectations. All users’ reactions towards the main component of this installation, the mechanical system that controls the expansion and contraction of the galaxy autonomously, were extremely positive causing a lot of curiosity toward the topic. Therefore, one of the main goals is fulfilled by this fact, awakening interest towards the matter in a non-knowledgeable audience.
The kinetic galaxy is compound by a motion detection system using Kinect and processing that will trigger the mechanism and the sound as the user advances in the different stages as interacting with the space.
Main mechanism: Arduino + Stepper Motor + PWM driver mounted on acrylic kinetic structure
Main mechanism from user's point of view
Mechanims's belt system detail.
As the topic of Dark Matter is so often decontextualized, I created a short animated infographics video that will allow my audience to grasp some concepts either before or after the experience.
There are a series of 11 booklets on the exhibition that provide different angles of the dark matter project as well as some insights about the installation itself that will allow users to discover more details if desired.
Parsons, The New School, NY, 2019
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