flywire start circuit
Experiment building a flywire circuit made out of brass and LEDs from a hand-drawn sketch. 
capacitive pompom + flexible copper vinyl circuit
This experiment consists of two different versions of the same circuit made out of paper, vinyl, and SMD components. The circuit is very basic but fully functional, including one button, Attiny 45, led, resistors, and a Lipo battery connection.  One circuit is made by hand using an X-acto knife, and another one using a vinyl cutter.
3d printed tactile matrix
This experiment consists of two different parts:
 First, a 3D-printed texture on tule to have a flexible tactile surface. Second, create an e-textile matrix sensor using conductive fabric tape and Velostat to create a 24 points tactile matrix.
cnc shelf
This experiment consists of a shelf made out of 6 pieces that stack without need of any adhesive.
3D-printed plant pots
This experiment consists of a series of hand-drawn 3D-printed plant pots. The project brings the opportunity to test new materials: Ceramics PLA + Wood PLA to have a more appealing and interesting material result.
Designing custom PCBs can be a challenge but exciting from a DIY milled one to a manufactured one.
Any leftovers? They can be fun to repurpose and reprogram for a completely different use case.
This is an experiment to play with a complex 3D texture to create a silicon mold to cast a ceramics candle vase.
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