Blinking Memory is a physical game based on the concept of the traditional memory game that has pairs of figures that the user needs to find by flipping two cards every time, and flipping them back if the guess is wrong.

It’s called memory because the player needs to memorize the position and figure of the cards already turned at least once. In this particular case, instead of flipping cards, the user needs to press buttons and match blinking patterns. Every time the player finishes all pairs, the game will reset and it will be more difficult!
Arduino MEGA + 8 arcade buttons with LEDs
 Creating an array, shuffling and creating pairs.
All variables listed here. I end up having to keep track of the buttons and if they were released or not to solve the bugs I had. Also, I had to make sure that once the Led was on because the couple was ok, the button had to be disabled.
I created a pattern for every pair that included the level as part of the blinking sequence to be able to increase the speed, hence making the game more difficult every time.
I considered adding some details both at the beginning and at the end to make sure that there was a nice transition from one game to the other as there was no other interface than the buttons themselves.
Here, an early prototype using Arduino's console to test.
Constructing the box and the physical interface required a lot planning to be able to fit everything and at the same time create a robust enclosure. A lot of soldering involved and some burned fingertips found along the way too.​​​​​​​
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