3D Encode Dna, bringing genetic code to the physical world
Design, art, technology, coding, and interactions are the ingredients for objects that will provide society with useful and meaningful experiences. Therefore, not only must the digital visualization of science be studied, but its physicality must also be pushed forward in the form of an interactive artifact or experience.
A significant opportunity to achieve this goal lies in creating interactive artworks explaining biological concepts. Such work can generate substantially more impact and interest than traditional pedagogical methods.
3D Encode DNA, bringing genetic code to the physical world is an interactive kinetic piece that uses A,T,C,G as input and translates into a 4 states bit/pixel phygital tridimensional display.
This piece was created to better understand the genetic code as modular, mutable & complex tridimensional system with the goal to give agency to a broad audience to play with something that usually happens within labs.
All the fabrication documentation for this project can be found in my FabAcademy https://fabacademy.org/2021/labs/barcelona/students/carla-molins/
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